Did your server crash, or did you encounter a bug?

  • Make sure you’re using the latest available version of PocketMine-MP, as the bug might already have been fixed.
  • Try and reproduce it WITHOUT PLUGINS, as plugins can frequently cause issues.
  • Ask for help on our forums before creating an issue.


Please do not use our issue tracker for support requests, but instead seek assistance on the forums. Support request issues will be closed as per the contribution guidelines.


Make sure you read the contribution guidelines before creating an issue.

If your issue is still unresolved and you’re sure the issue is caused by PocketMine-MP itself, then make a new issue on GitHub.

Issue template

An issue template is provided, showing the information that we require for an issue submission. Do not just delete the template - fill it with the information it asks for. Give as much information as you can about when or what happened.



Did the server crash and generate a crash dump? When the server creates a crashdump, it attempts to send it to our crash archive (unless the user disables this in their pocketmine.yml).

If it succeeds, you will see a message like this: [18:34:15] [Server thread/EMERGENCY]: The crash dump has been automatically submitted to the Crash Archive. You can view it on or use the ID #5555.

When you create your issue, please include the link to your crashdump to help us diagnose the problem.

If you don’t have a link but have a crashdump, you can submit it manually at


Please DO NOT paste crashdump contents into an issue. Upload it to the Crash Archive instead.