Update using the installer (Linux/MacOS only)

You can also use the installer on these platforms to update your installation. Passing the -u flag will update the PocketMine-MP installation.

cd into your server directory. Then use curl or wget to update PocketMine-MP using the following command:

curl -sL https://get.pmmp.io | bash -s - -u
wget -q -O - https://get.pmmp.io | bash -s - -u

Manually update

Update PHP binary

  1. Download the PHP binary for your OS (Downloads)
  2. Delete the bin directory in your server folder.
  3. Extract the new PHP binary. You should see a new bin directory has been created.

Updating PocketMine-MP

Updating using .phar

This is very straightforward.

  1. Delete your current PocketMine-MP.phar
  2. Download the updated PocketMine-MP phar you want to use (Downloads)
  3. Change the name to PocketMine-MP.phar
  4. Place it in the server folder


Don’t forget to rename the file to PocketMine-MP.phar

Updating a Git installation

If you used Git to install, updating is very simple.

cd into the server directory and run the following:

git pull # get the latest source from GitHub
git submodule update # update submodules to the required versions
composer install [... optional extra composer flags] # install/update dependencies managed by Composer

See Installing using Git for more details.


Previous versions of PocketMine-MP used submodules src/spl and src/raklib, which have now been removed. These submodules need to be manually deleted in your local installation.

To do so, delete the spl and raklib directories in the src directory, and then re-run Composer.